Halprin reflected on his experiences at the Sea Ranch in a 1980 publication, Sketchbooks of Lawrence Halprin:

"I have experienced an intense involvement along with my wife & colleague Anna Halprin, with the Gate 2 Environment. Gate 2 opens up a strange & complex & wonderfully rich natural place along the California coast...often children, grandchildren, colleagues & worshippers join us here. We live, work, observe changes, fish, hunt mussels & abalones, hike, meditate, immerse ourselves in what's here...In this process I have absorbed it's ecological processes, the forces & energies of the wind & weather - the shapes of the rocks formed by the surf - the birds & seals & whales migrating by. We have - in the process - developed our own sensitivities...

These "Gate 2" plans & drawings say something not so much about what is here but what has happended to us here..."


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