Al Boeke, in his oral history, states that Barbara Stauffacher Solomon "invented supergraphics at The Sea Ranch." 

Indeed, the use of vibrant colors and bold graphics are some of the most striking and recognizable visual features at The Sea Ranch. Supergraphics are large scale designs, often geometric shapes, applied to surfaces that "produce optical effects that destroy architectural planes, distort corners, and explode the rectangular boxes that we construct as rooms."

Solomon integrated modern art into architecture, using graphics to enhance the natural environment.  Her most famous work is inside the Moonraker Athletic Club, which made the cover of Progressive Architecture.

Charles Moore was also an influential figure in developing Supergraphics.  Outside, his buildings reference local architectural traditions, with weather-beaten wood siding. Inside they are colorful "space trips".  Moore used color to highlight architectural details, like the aedicules (lofts) in the Condos.

Below are a selection of images demonstrating the use of color, signage, and graphics at The Sea Ranch and their relationships to the surrounding landscape.


Barbara Stauffacher Solomon's Supergraphics at Moonraker Athletic Center

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon's Painted Facades and Panels

Barbara Stauffaucher Solomon's Logo and Lettering 

Charles Moore's Cabinet for Halprin Cabin

Charles Moore's Interiors for Condo #1

Colorful Fabric and Abalone shells

Color at Ohlson Recreation Center

The "hill-a-vator", a step too far?

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