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Punk's Cabin

Virtual Tours allow you to explore The Sea Ranch in its early years using the rich collection of archival materials available on this site. Click on "see more" to view curatoral selections of objects for a more indepth perspective.

Cultural Landscape Survey

Design work began with an assessment of the site and its resources. The impact of human habitation in the region -- historically and also into the future -- drew the creative attention of the design team. View this collection of images to explore the region's vernacular architecture, ranching landscapes, and indegenous cultures as seen by the planners.

July 1963 flyover

As part of their initial survey, the planners took to the air for a bird's-eye view of the site in a light aircraft owned and piloted by project engineer Frank Sarles.  They aimed a camera towards the site and took shots at regular intervals to create a complete portrait of the coastal landscape site as it existed in July 1963. A selection of those images are presented here.

General Store and Land Sales

Within the short period of three years, Oceanic Properties oversaw the completion of a core group of structures that came to define The Sea Ranch. Using period images and drawings, this tour takes visitors through that landscape.

Oceanic Properties: Sea Ranch mini-mod site

With the core group of "first buildings" completed, Oceanic commissioned the design for house types adaptable to a variety of sites. At the same time, private individuals commissioned architects for custom designs. See examples here.

Virtual Tours allow users to view archival materials for specific projects in their geographic location. Each tour includes a map that links objects to item sets highlighting manuscript materials, photographs, and drawings for selected projects and activities.



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