During the 1960s and 1970s, Lawrence Halprin and his wife and collaborator, Anna Halprin, organized a series of "Experiments in Environment Workshops" aimed at fostering collective creativity. The workshops brought together dancers and architects for intense, three to four week long programs, which took place, in part, at The Sea Ranch. Here is the "score" for one of the events, conceived in collaboration with Paul Baum:

Contact and experience the environment through the isolation of your senses.

Enter the environment and be in it for 2 hours, in complete silence (no talking).  Contact the environment entirely through the isolation of one sense: Hear, Smell, Touch, Move, Taste, See.  Focus on each sense isolated from the others long enough so you are really digging it with that one sense before using the next sense.

When 2 hours are up, we will ring the bell and tell you to come up.

Experiments in Environment workshop, Sensory Walk, July 6th, 1968

Experimental Film by Connie Beeson:  Sensory Walk, April 1971 at The Sea Ranch

Sensory Walk, July 1966 & 1968 at The Sea Ranch

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