Beginning in the late 1960s, Lawrence Halprin published numerous reflections on the design principles and process of The Sea Ranch. He often created graphic representations combining words and images that summarized "The Sea Ranch Idea."

A selection of these reflections, along with statements written by design team members Charles Moore and Joseph Esherick, are collected below.

Sea Ranch Ecoscore, 1969

Lawrence Halprin's Notes on The Sea Ranch Idea, 1980

Sea Ranch Principles, 1982

The idea of clustering was intregal to the design for The Sea Ranch as it emphasized common land use, including shared ocean views, and continuity with the site rather than individual expression. These principles are best articulated in the design of the Demonstration Houses.

The Sea Ranch: Diary of an Idea, 1995

Charles Moore pitches concept for Moonraker Athletic Center, September 1964

Lawrence Halprin's "Concepts, Ideas & Objectives...," December 1964

Joe Esherick expresses concerns about interiors, May 1965

Lawrence Halprin, "A real schizophrenia is developing on the Sea Ranch...", June 1, 1965

The Sea Ranch: Guidelines for Design, 1966

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